Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class (Reception)

At Clent Parochial Primary school we strongly believe that your child’s emotional well-being is at the heart of their ability to learn. In supporting your child to learn and develop at their own pace we embrace their individuality and how this is reflected in their learning styles.

The early years of a child’s education will lay the foundations for the rest of their school life; it is imperative that we get it right and your child feels happy, secure and enjoys coming to school. We learn through carefully planned play to appeal to the interests of each child and each week the children help us plan and decide what they would like to learn about next.

We teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds schemes and enhance it with our recently adapted approach towards handwriting ‘Kinetic Letters’ which is proving highly successful across school.

Spring 1

We are enjoying the topic of ‘Being Healthy’ this term. We have read lots of stories to reinforce the need for a healthy lifestyle and had lots of class discussions on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

This week we will be learning about Shrove Tuesday, Valentines day and Chinese New Year – what a busy week! We will end the week with Chinese New Year celebrations which will include dragon dancing, creative activities and food tasting. Your child is invited to come to school in their own clothes but please don’t forget that the normal messy activities on offer in Early Years will still be available and they may get messy – no best party clothes please! Red is an important colour in Chinese New Year so a red theme would be good.

Don’t forget to return your food tasting consent form to school in time, it’s really sad for some children if we aren’t able to let them join in. If there are any foods your child is allergic to please let us know so that we can make plans that will still include them.


Autumn 2

Our first week back has been a busy one. The children have settled really well after the holiday and we really enjoyed sharing their successes and progress with you at parents’ evening. If you were unable to attend please speak to a member of staff and we will be happy to accommodate you at another time.

This week we have had a go at sounding out and writing simple words associated with fireworks. We have learnt about bonfire night and created some wonderful art. On Thursday and Friday we will be learning about 2D shapes. We will be reinforcing that a 2D shape is something that you can’t pick up and introducing the language associated with shape such as corners, vertices and edges. We will be asking your child to look for shapes in the environment so encouraging conversations about shape will be very beneficial to their learning.

Next week we will be planning a party (shh – don’t tell, it’s a surprise)! The children will think they are playing but in reality will be working really hard. This will provide the opportunity to enhance fine motor skills by making decorations, badges, hats and party bags. They will be writing lists, cards and invitations, Taking turns and caring for others, sharing items equally between party bags as well as cooking party food and thinking about a healthy diet (we call this sneaky learning)!

Our topic this term is ‘Around the World’. We will look at stories from different cultures and find the similarities and differences between food, clothes and environment among other things.

This week we have been using numbers to four, reading stories, weighing, measuring, food tasting and baking.

Next week we will being introducing letters during phonics. We are still keeping a heavy emphasis on listening skills, without good listening skills children find it very hear individual sounds in words so we will be playing lots of games to enable the children to enhance their listening skills.

We will be continuing to use the stories ‘Handa’s surprise’ and ‘Handa’s Hen’ as an basis for our teaching and learning, we will of course be led by the children’s interests to ensure that they are fully engaged in their learning.