Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class (Y1 and Y2)

Spring 2018

In Ash this term we will be ‘travelling through time and space’. We have started this term, by having a visit from a mysterious alien character called the ‘Elephantolopous’. This has stimulated Year 1 to begin to think about what plant the alien has come from and why he has ran away. Year 1 are still spending most of the day learning through their play. Last term Year 1 had some incredible ideas and it stimulated their own writing. Year 2 will be learning the text ‘Casey the astronaut’, which is the story of a girl who dreams of being an astronaut. When she goes into space, she finds the ‘Elephantolopous’ who explains that he has to escape from his planet because of a terrible monster. Year 2 will be writing character descriptions of the monster, improving their range of vocabulary and writing a journey text. They will then be learning how to write an instruction text.


This half term, we will be learning about everyday materials in science. The children have already expressed an interest in experimenting and they are looking forward to making investigations. In geography the children will be gaining and improving their geographical skills, using a compass, reading and drawing their own maps. We will be looking at Islam, learning about the Muslim faith in RE and comparing it to other faiths. As usual, music will be taught on a Friday when they play recorders and PE will be on a Monday. Year 1 will carry on enjoying Forest School on a Wednesday afternoon with Oak Class.

Please come back later in the term to see how we are getting on.

These are just some of the children’s ideas that they have come up with. They started with the arrival of the ‘Elephantolopous’. The children then began to build, draw and create their own ideas where he might have come from. The Year 1’s had some fantastic ideas.


Year 2 have been excited to become real scientists. They wanted to investigate which material would be the best to keep a drink warm for the Teddy Bears’ picnic. They had to think carefully about how to make it a fair test, when to record the temperatures and how to record their data.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Year 1 had a letter arrive to say that there was a Galactic Police Warrant to capture the evil Beast of Sarge, who was chasing the ‘Elephantolopous’. Year 1 decided they would have a Teddy Bear’s picnic to try and capture the terrible monster. They drew posters, wrote shopping lists and described what the evil monster would look like. The whole of Ash Class then bought in their own bears and had a fun afternoon, thinking about their own manners and being polite. They had a really fun afternoon. Afterwards, some teddies stayed for a sleepover to see what would happen next. 

Ash Class Teddy Bears’ picnic.

The bears’ sleepover. What is in the box? Where did it come from?