At Clent Parochial Primary School we understand that the choice of school for your child is an important one. We believe that it is vital to get an understanding of our school ethos and values and warmly welcome visits to our school. The head teacher is always happy to show parents and children around, during the school day so that you are able to get a picture of school life. If you are interested in visiting then please contact us on 01562 730668 to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Admission of pupils

Our admissions policy and procedures are reviewed annually by the governing body. We offer admission to all Reception age children in the September of the year of their 5th birthday (i.e birthdays between September and August 31st). There is a part-time element to this, during the first few weeks of the Autumn term to help the children to settle in. The final date for the application of places is the January prior to the September start.

Visits are made by staff to the child’s home to establish strong relationships and introduce themselves to parents and children. The children also make some visits to school prior to starting in September.

The school pupil admissions number is 15.

Allocation of places

The allocation of places to Clent Parochial Primary School is undertaken by the School Admissions and Transfers Service within Worcestershire County Council via the online admissions portal.

Applications can be made online - click here

Worcestershire County Council School Admissions policy for 2021

The following outlines the Local Authority’s priorities when there is pressure on places:
a) Relevant ‘Looked after’ children.
b) Siblings (as defined by LA policy) of pupils attending the school and living within the catchment area of the school.
c) Pupils living within the catchment area of the school, which is within the Civil Parish of Clent.
d) Pupils living outside the catchment area but who would still have a sibling connection at school at the time of admission.
e) Pupils who have a significant reason for admission, such reasons, the validity of which will be determined by the Directorate of Education Services, will include medical, social or compassionate grounds. To be considered under this category it has to be shown that only this school can meet the medical, social or compassionate needs. Parents are required to produce a medical certificate or other appropriate information from an independent source. (Significant reason will not be considered unless supporting information is attached to your application form when submitted).
f) Attendance at a feeder school.
g) Pupils who live nearest to the school by the shortest available walking route.

For parents wishing to admit an older child to the school the above criteria will still apply.
If you live outside of Worcestershire but wish to apply for a place, you must complete an application provided by your ‘home’ local authority. The ‘home’ local authority will then pass the application to Worcestershire County Council for consideration.

Mid-year transfer

If you wish to transfer your child to Clent Parochial Primary School during the school year, you should complete the PA1 application which can be found on the Worcestershire County Council web site. We strongly advise that children visit school and complete a ‘taster’ day prior to parents making a final decision.