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ASH Class Parent Workshop

Thank you to the parents that attended the parent work shops in Ash Class. They were a great success and we are planning to hold them more frequently. 

Some parents missed the quick information session that Mrs Gordon led on children's social and emotional development and the information can be found below. 


This clip shows the complex relationships between children of this age as they begin to push the boundaries of relationships

This behaviour athough shocking to use as adults is completely normal for children of this age and is seen in playgrounds and classrooms on a daily basis in every school. Children quickly become very attuned to the fact that adults don't like this kind of behaviour and language and will hide it when adults or older children are nearby, However, it is a vital part of their development. 

The way that adults respond to such incidents is very important. 

We tell the children that it is Ok not to want to play with someone but that they should say something like 'I don't want to play with you now, but you are still my friend.' This means that the other child is not feeling rejected as they have had a reassurance and consequently won't ramp up the attempts to be included through threats or even physical behaviour. If they are struggling to move on we encourage the children to ask an adult for help at this point. The ability to say 'no' to others is vital in children's development and their ability to resist negative peer pressure as they grow older.

For further information please speak to any of the staff or Mrs Gordon