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Being a church school

At Clent Parochial Primary School we are one big family: God's family and one where our core christian values are at the heart of everything that we do for the children and with the children.

A Clent pupil tries their very best to:

Be Honest.

Be Responsible


Show Compassion


and to be a good friend to everyone.

We work hard with the children to prepare them for the road ahead with a strong sense of values to guide them based on Christian stories and themes, rather than preparing the road ahead for them. Thus instilling in them a strong sense of resilience, confidence and emotional well - being.



Assemblies are a vital part of the school day. Every day there is a meaningful act of Christian worship, either together in the school hall or in the classrooms. Each half-term we focus on a different one of our values and the children enjoy stories, prayers, drama and songs which help them to reflect on the value in the context of their own lives. We also send home a sheet with different activities for families to complete together and have reflection sheets for the children to think about. Open the Book is a wonderful half-termly assembly that is led by members of our local church. They are very interactive assemblies where the children help to act out various bible stories and think about how they impact on our lives today. 





Values team 

To really involve our children in the school values we have a values team who meet every Wednesday. They really look closely at the values, why they have been chosen and what they look like in school and in the wider world, which leads to a real deep reflection by the children. 

Local Church - St Leonard's 

We have excellent links with the local church. It is a beautiful building and the whole community enjoy services lead by Kim Topham where the children perform and sing in a celebration of different events. Everyone is very welcome to join us